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This is our little guy, Butters, who will be very sad to learn we are moving out of state. He literally starts to whine and jump around the car when we turn down the last couple of streets to get to Melissa’s home. And once the car door is finally open, he runs straight to her door and then jumps at her legs begging to be picked up by her.

I’m glad he loves go there as much as we have loved knowing he is there at “the farm” when we travel. He always comes back looking better, happier and healthier from play time outdoors and with other visiting dogs. Add to that how all of the Shropshire family loves on Butters and it’s easy to see why he’s glad to go there.

We live in downtown Baltimore so it’s about 25 minutes to Abingdon and well worth the change of scenery and the chance for a city dog to live with grass under his feet for a while. We give a hardy endorsement and have told many friends in our condo complex to visit the K-9 Chateau for good rates and great service. We will miss Melissa and her family.

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